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Replica Stair Parts

Traditional Products Limited are one of the few manufacturers in the UK who can duplicate almost any existing stairpart. We are often required to copy handrail profiles, unusual spindles and ornate posts & caps [see below].

Often when working on restoration projects, items are needed that are no longer available. This could be because they have been discontinued or perhaps they were even handmade when the original stairs was created. We can recreate those components for you from either an original sample or a detailed, dimensioned drawing. We combine the experience of our workforce and the technical wizardry of our software and CNC CAD routers to manufacture exactly what you need.

If you need a reproduction stairpart please contact us for a quotation or further information

Bespoke handrails

Even though we have a data bank of hundreds of different handrail profiles, there will always be one we haven’t done before. Our modern tool room can produce tooling very quickly and accurately for routers and moulders, using templates from customers, drawings or a cross section sample.

See more of our handrail profiles here.

We also have a handrail profile sketchbook, with hundreds of profiles we have created. If you need this please contact us for more information.

Bespoke posts

Newel posts have a huge impact as part of a staircase. If you are restoring stairs with an ornate post design, Traditional Products Ltd are the natural choice to supply you with your accurate replacement.

Example of Recent Replica

Here is an example of a recent replica we made for a staircase extension, where the replica post had to sit alongside the existing post as part of an extended flight.

More photos of this post being created in CAD.

Click here to see a video of this beautiful post being finished

Turned Post

Traditional Products can also duplicate a turned post for you - our skilled team on copy lathes produce some of the most accurate copied posts possible, using a combination of technology and traditional skills such as template making.


1 / 5
Original post to be copied
2 / 5
Template on Paper
3 / 5
Template on Wood
4 / 5
Template on copy lathe
5 / 5
Timber copied post

Bespoke spindles

Our CNC capability really shines when creating bespoke spindles. From simple turned designs which are no longer available, to intricate specialist shapes and sizes which require dedication to get right.


Here’s another example of a recent replica we made of an ornate turned spindle, showing the original sample on the right, and our replica on the left. Years of paint and neglect do not stop us getting a great result!

If you need a reproduction stairpart please contact us for a quotation or further information.


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