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Made to Measure Glass

Your staircase is possibly the most impactful part of your home or office. One way to update this feature is to swap your existing spindles and handrail for different materials, for example glass. Can be combined beautifully with timber elements to create a whole new look, and a full rebuild of the staircase is not usually required.

Bespoke Cut 10mm Glass Panels

In this type of balustrading, the main structural support are the timber posts and handrails. The glass panels are then installed within or between these timber components. The glass panels can be slotted into the grooves of the handrail and baserail or supported between, with metal clamps/brackets. If you would like a quote for a complete timber glass balustrading.

Please email. Timber type, newel post style and size, handrail and Baserail design, your current handrail lengths, your stairs rake angle as shown in the diagram below and with your chosen style grooved or clamps.

Please feel free to email the office We would be happy to quote..

Grooved 10mm Handrails & Baserails

Combining grooved handrails and baserails with made to measure glass panels, you can create an elegant and contemporary aesthetic look with older properties and new builds. They are easy to install and there is a greater margin for error when installing in older properties when calculating the rake angle from 1st to 2nd floor. All handrail profiles can be slotted for glass.

Glass Clamps

Glass clamps, also known as glass brackets or glass fittings, used to secure glass panels in place with our timber balustrading. They are designed to suit our 10mm bespoke glass panels or our 8mm solution pre-sized glass panels and are available in polished chrome, brushed nickel and black iron.

Completed Glass Panel Staircases


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