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Product Information... Sizes, Calculating the number of spindles

Traditional Products Ltd standard size of spindles range from 32mm, 35mm, 41mm and 55mm and are available in 900mm & 1100mm lengths. Please note all Pine spindles are 895mm & 1100mm long

Allow 2 spindles per tread, and 1 per tread where there is a newel. On a landing, measure the horizontal distance between newels in mm (max recommended run between newels is 2.4m) and divide by: 112 for 32mm spindles, 115 for 35mm spindles and 121 for 41mm spindles

Reducing spindles

These are used where the stair handrail meets the ceiling line or a second flight string and can be made to measure in most patterns.

We recommend that you run a length of handrail up from the bottom newel until it meets the ceiling/string and a further length of handrail along the underside of the ceiling/string.

Where the two handrails meet they should be mitred together and fixed using a combination of glue, screws, dowels and/or metal plate. As spindles reach the underside of the ceiling/string they will become shorter in length.

Each successive spindle is usually 100mm shorter than the last.


Newels are designed to suit nearly every staircase configuration. Modular construction allows maximum flexibility and is especially useful where conversion or refurbishment work requires that existing newel bases be retained. Newel posts provide the basic strength and structural integrity for each stairway handrail system. All newels, caps and bases are available in halves for wall fitting. Newel posts from 83mm up to 120mm have a 50mm peg size.


PST-1 Opening newel at the bottom of a staircase.

PST-2 Special situations where hand rails meet at different heights.

PST-3 Used on landings, especially where the horizontal landing rail meets an up coming sloping hand rail.

PST-4 Used on the inside corner of quarter landing where the staircase turns through 90 degrees.

PST-4 Pulpit, might be required where an up coming hand rail meets the post below the turning, e.g. on the inside corner of a 90° winding turn.

PST-5 Used in conjunction with the TRADITIONAL range of continuous hand rail fittings.

PST-6 Complete one piece newel post. (PST-1 with a 700mm base)

PST-7 Complete one piece newel post. (PST-3 with a 700mm base)


The integral base means that the posts can be used both at the top and the bottom of the staircase. Additionally, the posts can be cut to fasten centrally with the first riser, or, with the second riser as with a bull-nosed step etc. Please note that for an additional charge, both head and base lengths of the above posts can be adjusted to customers own specifications.


The Universal Handrail Fixing Kit has been developed to overcome a number of problems encountered with previous handrail bolts and brackets. It replaces and supersedes bottom brackets, top brackets and landing brackets. The use of the system avoids the need for mortise and tenon joints and allows the installer to fix newel posts prior to handrail installation. The Universal Kit is particularly useful when the handrail must slope at a non-standard angle. The Kit comprises a square handrail plate and a newel post fixing bolt.


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