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Outdoor Features

Original features that we have supplied include these barge boards, finials and corbels. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation!

Barge boards

Bargeboards are attached to a roof’s gables, and help protect exposed areas of a building from the weather. They can also be decorative, particularly in older buildings. Using our CAD systems and routers we can duplicate virtually any barge board or fascia board you may need.



Corbels which we are asked to duplicate are mainly used outside – although they can also be used as an indoor decorative feature. They are used to support porches, eaves, and other architecture which may protrude from a building. They can be carved with details, or plain.


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Finials are used as a decorative finish to the top point of a gable end, or similar building feature. They are also used to finish the top section of sheds as they also protect gable ends from the weather. We regularly supply UK shed manufacturers with decorative finals. Of course, we can also copy and remake bespoke finials for restoration work.


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